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Greater Austin Nepali Society (GANS) is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to the overall welfare of Nepalese people living in Austin, Texas and its periphery, primarily central Texas. The organization has been established since September 15, 2013. The mission of this organization is to promote, coordinate and facilitate cordial cooperation among the Nepalese people and the friends of Nepal living in and around Austin, Texas and North America. Specifically the organization stands to promulgate cultural, charitable, social, and educational activities of interest to the Nepalese community and their friends and families in central Texas.
GANS intends to contribute and maintain positive communication and dialogue among Nepalese and Nepal related organizations based in the North America. Our focus is to help our members in time of hardship, promote Nepalese culture and values, advocate for peace and to serve fellow human beings. From the time of establishment GANS has been conducting several activities based on cultures, values and social customs among Americans and Nepalese.
We strive to make a difference in the community in all things we do, however minute it may be. This organization acts as an effective bridge for building trust among the community stakeholders.
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तेश्रो अधिवेशन सम्पन्न

ग्यान्स तेश्रो अधिवेशन २०१९ तथा सरस्वती पुजा भब्यतापूर्वक सफल पार्न हर तरहले सहयोग गर्ने प्रमुख अतिथि टेक्सस हाउस रिप्रिजेन्टेटिभ टेरी मेजा, एनएसटी डालसका अध्यक्ष सुमन थापा, एनआरएन टेकेसस च्याप्टरका महासचिव…


Gans Nepali Pathshala & Bhanu Jayanti


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Let's celebrate 'Nepali New Year 2076' with Picnic' games, music and more!
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